The industrial world today finds an efficient response to the management needs of the production processes, which can finally be monitored and managed with maximum effectiveness.

Already used successfully in national and international companies, our solution for Industrial Automation is developed to optimize the entire production sector.

MosaicoGroup is able to study, design and develop dedicated and highly specialized software to help the company control and supervise all the process phases.


MosaicoGroup boast a deep experience in installation and maintenance of productive buildings as

  • Executive Headquarters
  • Commercial structures
  • Hotel and other accommodation structures
  • Health facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors
  • Large organised distribution

As a support for the activities of Building Management System and Industrial Automation, MosaicoGroup has developed proprietary hardware architecture and incredibly advanced software: it allows control of all the different technological systems with utter simplicity and effectiveness that are present in a complex environment and is currently the only one on the market to ensure total management of the cold.